I imagine what I'll grow to be, while drifting off to sleep...


No limits to what I'll become, with a yawn, a stretch and a leap.

Colour My Future Books

Colour My Future is a toolkit for kids to creatively imagine a future full of possibilities. Through a series of stories and activities for 3-7 year olds, the toolkit introduces and explores different careers. Using:

  • Rhyme
  • Positive affirmations
  • Creative Expression
Colour My Future Books

The brainchild of artist and designer Roxanne Williams. As a young black 5-year old girl, she felt being herself was not enough and wanted straight blonde 'hair like Barbie'. This upset her mum who filled her with love, compliments, positive affirmations, plus the constant reinforcement that she could do anything until these tools became second nature.


Fast forward to today, she is paying these life skills forward to the next generation through Colour My Future. Brought to life in 2020 during the first Covid-19 Lockdown in the UK.

You can now get your very own copy of the Colour My Future toolkit via crazivity.com


The first book set has been released June 8th with the support of Healing Justice London and we are excited for the impact it will have on the next generation in years to come. 


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